•  State Performance Plan Indicator 14

    Statewide Report 

    The 2016–2017 Indicator 14: Post-School Outcomes Survey is a statewide survey that was administered during the summer of 2017 by NuStats. Sponsored by the Texas Education Agency, the purpose of the survey is to follow-up with persons previously enrolled in high schools within the State of Texas to collect data on their post-high school activities. Eligible respondents either graduated or dropped out during the 2015–2016 school year. The survey included a total of twelve questions: eleven questions needed for the State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicator 14 reporting and one question to address statewide and district high school program improvement.
    Q1: At any time since leaving high school, have you ever been enrolled in any school, job training, or education program? 

    Q2: Describe the kind of school or job training program in which you were enrolled. 

    Q3: Did you complete an entire term? 

    Q4: Do you know if there is an Office of Disability Services at your 2- or 4 year college/university?

    Q5: Did you contact this Office for support?

    Q6: What supports or accommodations have you received through the Office of Disability Services

    Q7: At any time since leaving high school, have you ever worked? 

    Q8: Since leaving high school, have you worked for at least 3 months?

    Q9: Did you owrk an average of 20 or more hours per week (or about half time of a 40-hour week)?

    Q10: Were you paid at least minimum wage? 

    Q11: Describle the job you have or have had.

    Q12: Have you contacted any of the following adult service agencies for support or information since leaving high school?