• Career and Technical Education (CTE)
    Participation in the ARD/IEP Process
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    Enrollment in CTE courses is often a critical component of transition planning and in the development of a student's Individualized Education Program.  Special education and career and technical education must work together to ensure that students interested in career and technical education programs are enrolled in a coherent sequence of courses that will prepare them to pursue their postsecondary goals.  This may include participation by state rehabilitation agencies and/or local colleges with articulation agreements.   
    §75.1023 of the Texas Administrative Code includes provisions for individuals who are members of special populations.  Anytime initial or continued enrollment in CTE courses is considered, a representative of career and technical education must be included as a member of the student's ARD committee. This representative should be the teacher of the course being considered.  If the teacher is not able to participate in the ARD meeting, this representative must be someone who has full understanding of the course content, prerequisite skills, equipment and safety rules, certification and licensure requirements, related fees, and participation in related organizations.  Click below to read the full text of the requirements for participation by CTE as ARD committee members.   
Last Modified on August 7, 2014