• Educators and Transition in Texas

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    Educators play a vital role in helping all students gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the activities following high school. For students who are receiving special education services at the secondary level, the transition process, defined by both federal and state laws, provides an avenue to reasonably ensure that the instruction and services provided during a student's school years are focused on each individual student's postsecondary goals in the areas of education/training, employment, and where appropriate, independent living.
    To support educators in this endeavor, training and technical assistance in the following areas is available through each of the twenty Education Service Centers.  Following is a list of trainings that may be available in your area. 
    • Texas Transition
    • Leaving a Clear Trail:  Accurate Academic Achievement Records
    • Transitioning from High School to College
    • Transition Assessments
    • Developing Measurable Postsecondary Goals
    • Understanding the Summary of Performance

    There is also a Transition Planning in Texas: Fast Facts for Parents  publication on the left side menu. Prepared by the Secondary Transition Post-School Results Network, this Transition Planning in Texas Fast Facts for Parents publication provides a brief explanation of the transition planning process, and action steps that families and youth can take to be involved in a planning process that will prepare students for life after high school.  

    For information on these and other related trainings, and resources in your region, contact your regional ESC transition specialist. Click here for a list of regional contacts: Texas Secondary Transition/Post-School Results Network

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