• Parents and the Transition Process
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    Parents Are Important in the High School Transition Process!
    Parents are an important member of the Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee and have a particularly important role in helping students during the transition process from high school into the world of adult activities.  The better you understand the transition process, the better able you will be able to help your student design a high school program that will facilitate the attainment of identified postsecondary goals.
    On the left side menu is a slide show, Parents and the Transition Process, that will help you understand the transition planning process so that you are prepared to help your student attain their postsecondary goals. Hopefully, it will raise questions about what ways to support your student and the types of resources you may need to find.

    There is also a Transition Planning in Texas: Fast Facts for Parents publication on the left side menu. Prepared by Secondary Transition/Post-School Results Network, this Transition Planning in Texas Fast Facts for Parents publication provides a brief explanation of the transition process, and action steps that families, and youth can take to be involved in a planning process that will prepare students for life after high school.
    Be sure to check out the Agencies/Resources page on the top menu. There you will find links to resources to help students plan for postsecondary education, employment and independent living. You will also find links to state and federal resources as well as other helpful agencies and organizations.

    If you would like more information about transition planning, please contact the transition specialist at your regional Education Service Center.  Click here for a list of regional contacts: Texas Secondary Transition/Post-School Results Network.